SMHS Competition Team Tryouts -Pre Meeting 08/29/2022 @ 6pm - Tryout Clinic 08/30/2022 @4-6pm - Final Tryout 09/01/2022 @4pm

Dear SMHS Cheer Candidate,

Welcome to our 2022-23 SMHS Competition Cheer Tryouts. Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2022-23 competitive cheerleader at San Marcos High School. Comp Cheer is a team sport that requires athletes to attend each practice and events. Comp Cheer is a major commitment. All members are required to practice every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday throughout the year. Other practices may be scheduled as necessary.

First day of tryouts please bring:
SMHS Blue Book

We encourage all athletes to be responsible for their own SMHS Comp Cheer Tryouts. This means if there is any communication that needs to be addressed. Athletes may email the cheer Coach/Advisor, or wait after the cheer clinic to address their situation.

1. Competition Cheerleaders are expected to complete a full term, which includes ALL competitions, events, and practices.
2. Competition Cheerleaders may not hold a position within or outside the school that would be in conflict with duties and time requirements of a cheerleader.
3. Competition Cheerleaders must read and understand the SMHS Athletic Handbook and SMHS student handbook (Both Handbooks are located on the SMHS website)
4. The rules and regulations of the Knights Accountability Act and the decisions of the advisor, coaches, AP of Cheer, and/or the administration.
5. Competition Cheerleaders must remember that they are directly representing SMHS and not just themselves. While a Cheer team member, they must have proper conduct, attitude and attire to show class because they are a direct reflection of our school, student body and cheer team.

Below you will find information about the tryout process, and individual teams.

TRYOUT PROCESS: Potential squad members will be judged on the knowledge of the material taught, physical ability to do the routines, stunt technique, flexibility, energy, enthusiasm, attitude, teamwork and determination. Coaches will be involved in the selection process. Prior members behavior and attendance will be taken in consideration.

Fill out 2022-23 Comp Cheer Tryout Application


Informative Parent Meeting on 08/29/2022 @6pm in the SMHS Cafeteria

Tryout Dress Code:
* White shirt
* Black shorts {Nike pro or black biker shorts}
* Hair in high pony with cheer bow
* Game day ready
* Athletic shoes or cheer shoes

VARSITY and JV COMP TEAM - 09-12th grade

The Varsity and JV Comp Teams are advanced cheer teams that are 100% committed to their program. They are leaders on and off campus. Varsity and JV members cheer, perform advanced stunts, dance and tumble at all scheduled competitions. They execute advanced stunts which include liberty variations. (liberty, heel stretch, arabesque, scale and scorpion) Athletes always cheer with loud voices, smile, and show extreme spirit at all times.

Required skills:

Educated, or experienced in competitive cheer.
Athletes have cheered before and pick up cheer material quickly.
Athletes can execute advanced jumps (front hurdler, toe touch, toe touch/back handspring, toe touch back handspring, 3 consecutive jumps)
Athletes can execute advanced extended stunts, transitional stunts & pyramids
Athletes can execute stunt techniques that can perform one leg variation
Athletes can execute dismounts which include cradle, full down cradle
Always confident in front of a crowd
Athletes must be able to perform at least a standing back handspring and round back handspring.

Thank you again for your patience and flexibility during this time!! We are extremely excited to see your school spirit.

Always grateful,
Coach VanDeusen

Also, please follow our Instagram account @smhscheerteam for tryout tips in our highlights. Material that is covered:
Motion technique, jump technique, tumbling technique, and stunting technique