San Marcos High School Cheer Team 22-23

Congratulations to the 22-23 Varsity Cheer Captains

Samantha McDaris(12) Lauren Hainey(12) Elle Dorny(12) Karly Hansen(11)


Congratulations to the 22-23 Junior Varsity Cheer Captain

Bree Hawkins(10)



SMHS Cheerleading is a year-round program that participates in sideline cheerleading with a large emphasis and focus on competitive cheerleading. At SMHS, we strive for competitive greatness while holding our young athletes accountable to their coaches, teachers, and teammates. We focus on building the character of our athletes on and off the competitive playing field. SM cheer forms a culture and community of sportsmanship, dominance in our sport, and the WE over ME approach to daily practices. We work hard to bring school spirit to every game! Together the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman team cheers on our athletes and represents SMHS at every meet and game!  They are always present at all school rallies and events! 

Participation in All-Star Competitive Cheer
We understand that many athletes come from highly competitive all-star teams. While we appreciate the knowledge and experience gained from all-star cheerleading, we are forthcoming regarding the time commitment that is required to be on San Marcos High Cheer. Athletes are allowed to participate in all-star teams only if the coach/owner is willing to work with the schedule of San Marcos High Cheer. 
Below are outlined expectations for any member who wishes to participate in all-star cheer as well as San Marcos High cheer.
  • All weekends in January are designated as San Marcos High Priority
  • We require SMHS Cheer to take priority when scheduling conflicts arise
Squad Composition
  • SMHS Cheer has Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity level teams
  • All levels participate in sideline cheer and competition cheer


Tumbling Requirements


Tumbling is strongly encouraged for the varsity level team and highly suggested for the Freshman and JV level. We put a large emphasis on tumbling daily . We encourage those interested in trying out contact your local gym to get into tumbling classes ASAP. All tumbling is to be performed on a non-spring floor.
Varsity Requirements
  • Round off Back handspring tuck and above
  • standing tuck and above
JV Requirements
  • Solid Round-Off Rebound
  • Working stand back handspring with light spot or down a cheese mat

Freshman Requirements

  • Same as JV
Although an athlete may have the varsity level tumbling skills, that does not ensure they will be placed on the Varsity Level team. Many variants go into the team placement including cheer background and stunting ability and position. 
What to Wear to Tryouts
  • All athletes attending tryouts are required to wear SMHS dress code appropriate attire
  • Tank tops and shorts are recommended
  • Cheer shoes recommended but not required. Athletic shoes are allowed (all athletes will be require to wear shoes while tumbling)
  • Hair Up in HIGH Ponytail
  • Cheer Bow